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1-23: Shareable requests (including Jane Fonda, Barbra Streisand and Alice Ripley)
24-55: Jean Smart related (including various appearances, 24, The District and Samantha Who?).
56-58: Doctor Who
59: Kayne West
60-62: Hillary Clinton
63-67: Cherry Jones (including 24)

Seeing as there's only three I'm just posting them here but if you'd like to see the rest of the icon post, it can be found here @withaddedsyrup
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-9 Barack Obama-
-9 Chelsea Clinton (+ Mom)-
-10 Hillary Clinton-
-5 Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton-
-15 Joe Biden (1 Joe Biden/Ted Kennedy)-
-2 Joe Biden/Dick Cheney-
-4 Rod Blagojevich-
-8 Rahm Emmanuel-
-1 Rahm Emmanuel/Bill Clinton-
-2 Rahm Emmanuel/Barack Obama-
-2 Rahm Emmanuel/Nancy Pelosi-
-2 Rahm Emmanuel/Stephen Colbert-

@ my icon community, shimmysideways.
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(no subject)

I had no idea where to post these and a couple nice people told me everywhere. I'm not taking that literally, but I thought here might work? Let me know if this was a bad idea.

-7 30 Rock-
-25 Politics (assorted)-
-4 Tina Fey-
-4 Weeds-

@ my icon community.

let me know if you don't want this here :D